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Our Easy Process

Record your video

We are able to analyse your training and competition videos.

It can be the video of a dressage test or jumping round from your phone, no special recording equipment required!

Send us your video

Go to the Store page on our website for payment, you will then be taken to a page to upload your video to be analysed and dressage sheet if required.

For a more detailed explanation, please head to our Services page to read more about the services and analysis we offer.

We analyse your video

We use the AI programme to analyse and record the rider's objective data in conjunction with the statistical data.

Our qualified Performance Analyst and coach will use the objective data to give feedback. For example, identifying a difference in a rider's joint angles when having a fence down to when jumping clear. 

We feedback analysis results

You will then receive your video back, with the programme overlaid and the feedback from the Performance Analyst - so that you have all the information too. It should take us under 3 days to return.

The video will be stored on your individual member page, where you can access and download all videos, feedback and more. 

phone and play button for recording
play button with upload button and equestrian performance analysis logo
magnifying glass on machine learning report and horse and rider jumping
graphical representation of feedback and gold trophy
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