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horse and rider jumping cross-country corner fence British Eventing Intermediate, with ai and machine learning overlay

Performance and Biomechanical Analysis 

1 Video


Performance Analysis and Biomechanical Analysis for one video - Dressage, Show Jumping or Cross Country. Includes Biomechanical Analysis and analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as mentioned in the Service description page. Read more about this.

After completing payment you will be taken to a page to upload the video, and test sheet for Dressage if applicable. We will email you when your video has been analysed. This should be within approximately 3 days.

We can complete the analysis on all videos sent to us.
However, in order to best analyse your video here are some tips that, if followed, will increase the reliability and accuracy of your analytical results.
  • Super Important Please try to keep the horse and rider in the middle of the frame - its tricky when you want to watch as well as record, we know! This will help with the accuracy of the graph readings.
  • Please try to record landscape;it makes it easier for the programme to work.
  • Please try not to move the camera up and down too much when recording, even though we know it's hard not to sometimes jump the fence with them! Instead please zoom in and out to keep the rider within the frame if needed. 
  • Where possible please try to video with a high resolution, this will help the programme to determine the rider limbs and movement more accurately.
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