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horse and rider jumping hedge cross-country competition with ai and machine learning overlay
Bespoke Performance Analysis 

Bespoke Performance Analysis - individualised for each client to suit their specific needs and KPIs.

Price dependent on services required - tracking trends from dressage test sheet scores to twice monthly full competition and training video analysis with biomechanical analysis and statistical analysis trend tracking. Read more about this.

Will start with a call/email to discuss KPIs, regularity or analysis and services required to best suit athlete and their progression. Prices will be dependent on services but will be appropriately affordable for both amateur or professional set ups alike and similar to our prices for alternative products. Discounts given for bulk analysis! 

Please contact us to begin the process


Please note: the original call/email conversation is not charged and non-obligatory! 

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you use video analysis as part of your Bespoke Performance Analysis service, we can complete the analysis on all videos sent to us.
However, in order to best analyse your video here are some tips that, if followed, will increase the reliability and accuracy of your analytical results.
  • Super Important Please try to keep the horse and rider in the middle of the frame - its tricky when you want to watch as well as record, we know! This will help with the accuracy of the graph readings for the centre of mass.
  • Please try to record landscape; it makes it easier for the programme to work.
  • Please try not to move the camera up and down too much when recording, even though we know it's hard not to sometimes jump the fence with them! Instead please zoom in and out to keep the rider within the frame if needed. 
  • Where possible please try to video with a high resolution, this will help the programme to determine the rider limbs and movement more accurately.
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