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All our services offer analysis for both training and competition videos.

Performance and Biomechanical Analysis
horse and rider showjumping brown and white spread fence with ai and machine learning overlay

Performance and biomechanical analysis is completed for each video, returned with the programme overlay and individualised feedback.

This service can identify potential asymmetry of riders and the consequent relation to decreased performance quality.

The analysis results help to improve specificity in training, both on and off horse.

Bespoke Performance Analysis
horse and rider jumping cross-country house fence with machine learning and ai overlay

The Bespoke Performance Analysis service is the next step up from our Performance and Biomechanical Analysis service. This includes everything the Performance and Biomechanical Analysis.

To best aid training we offer the option of additional or greater emphasised KPIs, in conjunction with our standard KPIs. Giving the rider a bespoke service for maximum benefit.

Performance Analysis with Coaching Exercises
horse and rider dressage training canter with ai and machine learning overlay

This service provides performance and biomechanical analysis through the AI programme and feedback report, with additional coaching exercises.

The coaching exercises will be specific to the horse and rider at the stage of training shown in the video.

Member's Pages
graphical representation of biomechanical joint angle data as seen on equestrian performance analysis member page

The member's pages allow riders to easily access their analysed video data and feedback in one place. Interactive graphs display data comparing results of analysis and competition over time.

These pages are accessed at no extra cost, as part of all the services listed above.

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